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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller

Although there has been a temporary interruption in some solar installation schedules, technology innovation, and R&D has continued. The summer of 2020 saw several solar module manufacturers announce new models surpassing 500W. With 350W panels generally seen as amazingly powerful just three years ago, many companies are jumping to new extremes reasonably quickly. The explanation for higher power classes comes down to a shift to larger crystalline silicon wafers. A silicon wafer is the building block of a solar panel. Once wafers mix with various chemicals and “electrified,” they become solar cells. Solar cells get connected and become solar panels. What has not been spoken much about is the efficiency of cells is near maximum efficiency. The primary reason companies have moved to larger cells.

Risk is an interesting concept as we are considering it all the time automatically. As children, we felt all life’s threats, but as we age, the process of monitoring risk performed automatically as our subconscious is doing the work. What we sometimes are unable to do is understand what the risk can be because we do not have enough information about all the potential factors in a situation or a process. We are making risk decisions based on what we know and or do not know. It is what we do not know that affects us the most.
As an example, in module manufacturing, many factors take place in the complete process. Items of importance consist of the quality of the raw materials, where the materials are been purchased? when is the delivery date to the factory for manufacturing the panels? Who is checking the raw materials in and then out onto the line? How old is the equipment, and is the maintenance kept to specifications? Who performs the maintenance checks? and are the records available to see and copy for the customer’s review? Who is doing the quality control, and what are these procedures?

The ten-point report card is sent to our customer at each completion point along the production process, including the following items:

1.   Conduct a high-level process audit of the factory.

2.   Photograph BOM components as materials move from their original packaging.

3.   Observe and record the technical details about the BOM.

4.   Strictly track each BOM component through every step of production.

5.   Collect backsheet, encapsulant, and connector samples for testing and inventory.

6.   Document recipes used for welding and laminating.

7.   Sign each module for 3rd party review and seal the pallets with tamperproof tape.

8.   Ship sealed pallets directly to 3rd party testing facility.

9.   Test the modules.

10.   Produce a report of test results and all the above items.

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Last week’s question, “Can energy storage reach 50GWs installed by 2030?” “47% of the respondents said, Yes.” 

We enjoy receiving your responses, thank you. Each week weHave questions please contact Karlita or Robert, and we will be happy to assist you?  will give you the results from the previous week’s question. If you have a minute please respond to the below question.

USD focuses on ensuring our customers have a pleasant experience purchasing modules. We have refined the steps of the bid, acceptance, and delivery process. We perform the steps required to satisfy the requirements of all the parties in the acquisition and sale. Please contact us with any questions, and we can help you better understand the value of hiring module professionals to assist your module purchase process.

Have questions please contact Karlita or Robert, and we will be happy to assist you? 

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