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A tribute to the passing of my “Mother of 94 years old” on November 8th, 2023

Placing one foot in front of the other even when you get knocked down eventually gets you to where you want to go.

By Jeneane Benedict

A tribute to the passing of my “Mother of 94 years old” on November 8th, 2023

Learn more about my Mom, a living “Angel”

I write this article with a heavy heart about the loss of my mother, who was 94 years old. Many reasons come to mind why it is essential for me to write this article, but the most important is her significant influence on many people. If any angels were walking on the planet, she was definitely one of them. We grew up in a military family, so if you can imagine, with six kids, we did not have much. Yet our parents ensured we had food, shelter, and occasional new clothes to start the school year.

For the last few weeks, I used her quote in my articles to us as we were growing up, “place one foot in front of the other,” if and when you get knocked down, “get up and begin placing one foot in front of the other,” and eventually you will achieve what you put your mind to. The amount of influence that has on a child is unimaginable until you look back on the lives affected by her daily, persistent messaging about life principles.

Another principle she taught us is to work hard for what you want. If my siblings and I wanted something, we had to go out and earn it. Depending on where we lived, we did multiple jobs. For school, we were required to do homework, but without supervision. How would control be possible with six children going to school?

Our Mom taught us to be honest. Even when we got in trouble, “which we did,” to admit what you did and apologize. Use the golden words of please and thank you, and be thankful and grateful for your life and what you have. My Mom would point out that there are always less fortunate people. Give to others without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

My mother grew up Seventh-day Adventist, yet because my father was a Methodist, we went to Sunday school at a Methodist church until we were in high school, where we got to choose. We learned to believe in ourselves and a force beyond us, and we can determine who and what that is. For example, my oldest sister converted to Judaism and followed the teachings more strictly than her husband.

Because we traveled all over the world, even living in Japan for four years when I was three years old, we learned to see all people as humans. We know to remove culture and religion from our biases and be kind to everyone we contact. My Mom helped everyone in need. It didn’t matter who they were. She lent a helping hand. Her kindness was unmatched by anyone I have met, and I never heard her complain.

Even in the last couple of months, when she was very sick and in much pain from a growth in her lung (which she never told anyone about except my sister). My sister Teri told my brother Gregory and his wife when they were voted and appointed to care for her. What she said is I have lived long enough. I do not want doctors doing anything with my body, and I am happy and have lived a fantastic life with children who learned to show their love back.

In closing, a message to you, Mom: I will always be with you in my heart, mind, and spirit, and each morning when I wake up and meditate for an hour, I feel your presence where you will be until I leave this world and join you in the afterlife.

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