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Advances in carbon removal technology are just one example of solutions on the horizon for the world. 

“If the planet were a patient, we would have treated her long ago. You, ladies and gentlemen, have the power to put her on life support, and you must surely start the emergency procedures without further procrastination.”

“Humanity faces many threats but none is greater than climate change.” he said. “In damaging our climate we are becoming the architects of our own destruction. We have the knowledge, the tools and the money (to solve the crisis).”

-King Charlies of UK

Discover the climate change dilemma

Advances in carbon removal technology are just one example of solutions on the horizon for the world. Once these innovations become commercialized and implemented at scale, they’ll offer the world, particularly developing nations or “poorer countries,” a means to implement environmentally friendly technology without incurring additional costs. “Middle-income countries, that are 60% of emissions, and say to them you have to make steel a new way, but that steel will not be more expensive,”. “Likewise for cement, beef, or dairy.”  

To curb deforestation in the Amazon, advocates for a strategy to make a palm oil substitute cheaper than palm oil. Banning deforestation on a particular portion of land would be a temporary measure because it wouldn’t eliminate the overall demand for palm oil. Furthermore, a change in government might reverse that policy because the demand for palm oil would remain.

Recent tactics to mitigate climate change, such as planting enough trees, will not address the climate problem. “Are we people of science, or will we believe in a reality that does not exist? We cannot reforest the rainforest or any other forest in the world fast enough to make a real climate change.

A study by MIT found that planting one trillion trees would eliminate about 6% of the carbon dioxide the world needs to stop emitting by 2050 to reach the goals set out in the 2015 Paris Accords. President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—which Gates called a “fantastic climate bill” this week— incidentally includes $1.5 billion in grant money for cities to plant trees in neighborhoods that lack them. 

Instead of unproven methods like planting trees, carbon taxes are a way to fund future green technologies, in particular carbon capture, which aims to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. However, it is necessary to acknowledge that in most cases, significant fossil fuel and electricity companies would pass those costs on to consumers, making it a politically unpalatable policy for elected officials. If you try to do climate things by brute force, you’ll sometimes get people who say, I like climate. I’m for the environment. I don’t want to bear that cost and reduce my standard of living.

Last year’s IRA passed under President Joe Biden can and should help with climate change. The IRA featured some of the most significant climate investments in U.S. history, injecting $200 billion in clean energy and electric vehicle development funding. The tools are in the hands of the people to make changes in the climate crisis.   

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