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Drones provide imagery and analytics to solar owners

Using drones to inspect, clean, and maintaining solar panels is totally possible and very practical. A remote-control drone with a thermographic camera can make the solar panel inspections easier, helping to see those areas that need maintenance with a surveillance UAV or a quad-copter with a thermal vision that will make it easier to spot underperforming solar cells.

When it comes to technology, the last thing you want to do is be resistant to change, because that’s when you get left behind.


Doing manual solar panels inspections can take months, compared to hours with aerial thermal imaging. Using drones to inspect, clean, and maintaining solar panels is totally possible and very practical.

When Solar Panels get dirty, they cannot produce as much energy as designed. Dirty modules decrease the amount of power they can create and eventually cause the whole system to work with much less efficiency. Solar panels can also break when they are not appropriately maintained. ​Using remote control drones for solar inspections services prevents these problems and prolongs the lifespan of your solar installations.

To spot places where the solar panels are not releasing as much heat, they should use an infrared camera with thermal imaging. The images provided to the solar panel inspection will determine if a solar module is working correctly.  If it is leaking solar energy, then the O&M company hiring the drone can focus on where the problems are and correct it.
When using an infrared camera, it is even possible to see the difference in effectiveness between multiple solar panels. Arial inspections make it easier to spot the modules that need a ground inspection for rapid corrections and, in some cases, replacing.  Ground inspecting does not provide the necessary imagery and entire testing of the solar modules the same way that an aerial thermal images.

A UAV Drone or a Quad-copter Drone can be programmed to do a surveillance inspection. The drone is programmed depending on the necessities of the solar project. By using an infrared camera with thermal imaging to an average UltraHD 4K Video, the drone operator can obtain all the images necessary to make the solar project produce the energy expected.

Using drone technology to inspect and do maintenance to solar panels is an excellent way of saving time, check the quality and state of modules, and doing high-quality care. Solar modules are exposed to natural damaging factors such as extreme heat and cold. Additionally, they are affected by moisture, vibrations, lightning strikes, and animals damaging the array area. Also, too much rain and many other factors can affect the integrity of solar module installation, making them work less efficiently or just getting to the point they can break down for good.

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