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Supply Chain Management

Logic will get you from A to B; imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein

Supply chain management professionals are under constant pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve margins. Unfortunately, too many of them lack reliable data and depend on manual planning tools. Although it is easy to create and adjust plans as needed, by leveraging insights from suppliers, understanding their business drivers, and giving enough time for the performance, you can be successful. Streamlining the planning process and establishing supply chain plans helps perform and synchronize receiving the necessary supplies when required.

Sales & Operational planning – Make better business decisions and meet revenue goals to adapt to market demands and run what-if scenarios.

Demand planning – Identify trends in data, spot variances, and conduct sound demand forecasting to respond in real-time.

Supply Planning – Understand what’s happening in real-time to create accurate supply forecasts, avoid shortages and stockouts along with what-if scenarios.

For EPC and developers running lean is an important objective when you are working with multiple manufacturers and large quantities of modules, inverters, racking, and cabling. Each company wants to maximize the profitability of their projects, but when making decisions about when to have equipment delivered, buying without enough delivery times can be more expensive than getting the materials too early.
At USD, we are working together with our customers to ensure they have the modules they require in a timely fashion. Many unexpected events take place, which can cause delays. We recommend not waiting until you need your modules in a month, but plan and give your supplier 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions, please contact Karlita or Robert.
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