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The “future of Solar Power” has only begun. Can you imagine where energy production will go?

Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to its fullest, well, that is a choice.


When people hear “Solar Power,” most people instantly think of solar panels on rooftops or in a solar farm in the desert. This is based on what we know as traditional utility-scale and rooftop solar panels. However, the dominating energy production use is via the solar module and cells up to this point.

There are now several exciting new solar panel technologies either in the pipeline or already on the market. These promising technologies will revolutionize how we think about solar and energy production. Solar no longer requires large parcels of land or roof space, nor does it need to look bland.

Silicon panels were becoming cheaper and more efficient day by day. According to experts, photovoltaic panels placed on reservoirs and other water bodies offer even greater efficiency and an abundance of other benefits. For example, floating solar farms can generate huge amounts of electricity without using valuable land or real estate. In addition, the installation costs of floating photovoltaic panels can be less than land-based modules.

Also, research showed that the power production of floating solar panels is more viable, gaining up to 10% due to the cooling effect of water. Besides producing clean solar power, floating solar farms can help with water management. They reduce water loss to evaporation by limiting air circulation and blocking sunlight from the water’s surface. Also, floating solar farms prevent noxious algae production, lowering water treatment costs. Furthermore, the water beneath keeps solar panels clean and minimizes energy waste.

As the name suggests, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) seamlessly blend into building architecture in the form of roofs, canopies, curtain walls, facades, and skylight systems. Unlike traditional solar PV panels, BIPV can be aesthetically appealing rather than a compromise to a building’s design. But aesthetics alone is not enough for solar buyers; economics matters too. The good news is that the BIPV solar panel systems enable homeowners to save on building materials and electric power costs. In addition, by substituting BIPV for standard building materials, you reduce the additional cost of solar panel mounting systems.

Now we have Solar Skins, a novel PV technology to integrate custom designs into solar panel systems. The solar skin technology is like the ad wraps displayed on bus windows. Sistine, the manufacturer of solar skins, is testing the technology at the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory to increase its efficiency. Solar thin-film skins maintain high efficiency due to their selective light filtration advancements. The sunlight falling on solar skins is filtered to reach the solar cells beneath it. As a result, it simultaneously displays the custom image and provides solar energy.

Solar Fabric researchers are developing solar fabrics to include solar power in each fiber. These solar filaments can be embedded into your t-shirts, winter coats, or any other clothing to help you keep warmer, power your phone, and provide energy for other needs while you’re on the go. Solar power was generated earlier only using ground-mounted or rooftop panels. When you combine energy and technology together, the opportunity for advancements has only begun. Please think of the printing press to the computer. We may have a similar change in energy, but at least many of us solar believers are working towards a better and cleaner future for many generations to come.

Modules immediately available:

SunPower E435


SunPower P390





JA 440/445W modules 8MWs available immediately

Canadian 440/445W modules, 1,500 pieces.

Trina mono – 395W – Large Quantity available East Coast

Storage and Inverter availability:

Please let us know if there are inverter or storage products you are looking for, and we would love to help you obtain the products you are looking for.

If you have a few minutes, please give us a recommendation. This will take only 30 seconds.

Get ready for a US brand where Unicorn and our partners invest in a “1.5GW to 2GW US module factory.” If you want to own a line in our factory, please let us know, and we can discuss your interest.

Robert is returning from Cambodia and Vietnam on the 12th of November. We are meeting “module” and “battery” suppliers, and we can bring you better pricing for Q4 2022 and all months going forward. The most significant issue affecting the industry now is availability. We have this issue resolved by meeting the factories in person.

So let us know if you want to get on a call and discuss – 916-284-8841 or 916-578-3120. Or email us at Karlita and Robert.

ZnShine Mono Perk BoB (residential)

400-405W – 22MWs available in less than six weeks

AE Solar bifacial (commercial and utility)

540W – preorder 6 to 8-week delivery times

ZnShine (commercial and utility)

540-550W – preorder 6 to 8-weeks delivery time

Immediately available


SunPower E435


SunPower P390





Trina mono

395W – Large Quantity available East Coast


I have three other options from Cambodia and Vietnam, SolarSpace, Dehui, and “D&G.” All these brands are close to Tier 1 status.


At Unicorn Solar, we appreciate your interest in our company and would appreciate it if you give us some feedback on your thoughts about our services. So please go to the following link It should take less than 30 seconds.

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