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We the People,” America moving forward together building the solar industry

To me, the consciousness of “we the people” is what America is all about. It brought an end to World War I & II. We, the People, stopped the Viet Nam war. We, the people, are fighting for each other’s rights inside and outside the United States of America. At least, this is what I want to believe and work towards daily.

We are here to change the world. Not just follow the rules, earn money, and die.


How lucky are we the people that are building a renewable world? During this unprecedented time, the renewable machine keeps moving forward. Most of us still have jobs and able to work during this pandemic crisis. The industry continues to grow preparing us for the upcoming growth which could be a quantum jump.



Hopefully, the federal government gets behind renewables with programs that benefit all parties down to the end-user. Through three administrations, we have hoped, and we are still waiting, while at the same time growing through states and local governments leading the way.  Renewables keep growing and strengthening our economy and national security.


If the federal government invests in the electric grid and adds infrastructure, stabilizers such as storage we will reduce our energy cost and reduce the countries carbon footprint. Also, by investing in energy efficiency in Federal, State, and local government buildings, we will reduce all the State’s energy requirements and costs. We are in an all-hands-on-deck period where the U.S. can take greater steps to a more renewable country and world.

Important Note:

USD has partnered with Stem and now has the accreditation needed for storage. If you are looking for storage options on your next or any future projects, please allow us to ensure your storage investment brings the expected returns.

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Last week’s question, “Do you believe President elect Biden will renew the ITC to 30%?” “58% of the respondents said, Yes.”

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USD focuses on ensuring our customers have a pleasant experience purchasing modules or storage. We have refined the steps of the bid, acceptance, and delivery process. We perform the steps required to satisfy the requirements of all the parties in the acquisition and sale. Please contact us with any questions, and we can help you better understand the value of hiring module professionals to assist your module purchase process.

Have questions please contact Karlita or Robert, and we will be happy to assist you? 

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