Solar Energy

Where is solar now, and where is the industry going?

We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The solar revolution is here to stay. This achievement comes at a particularly exciting time for the solar industry around the world as it edges closer and closer to obtaining grid parity. High-efficiency modules help to reduce the levelised cost of electricity “LCOE.” Although we are experiencing tough times at a national and global scale, it has nothing to do with the growth and desire of companies to add solar to their business or financial portfolio.

If you are a C&I, Industrial, and or a residential solar company right now, you may be experiencing partial delays in part of the purchase of equipment or construction process. Your customers are in lockdown, and some of them may not be able to complete their project for some time into the future. When these customers get back to their businesses, and they have to continue to pay the electric bills, they will want to add solar again.
While in lockdown, It seems like most the utility developers and EPC have been working through this period, as part of the essential industry groups. We have grown from solar being too expensive to make good business sense. Soon we will again be driven by consumer and investor demand along with lower production costs; there is more opportunity in the renewables space than ever before.

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The efficiency of panels grew from 13 percent, which stood for years to a new record of just short of 23%. Back in 2005, with modules at 13% efficiency, it was believed that if efficiency increases, it would not be more than a couple of percent’s. Well, our future changed when the number of manufacturers and opportunities increased and brought new money into solar. Investors realized that double-digit returns from solar were better than where they had the money invested, and one-by-one, new investors entered the solar space.

The historical growth of solar has brought us to this point now it is time for a new push forward where we can add batteries that are coming of age, too. It is all of us that have been moving the industry forward, and we are the ones that need to do it now as well. This virus can lock us up for a while, but the American will and desire are ready to get back to business as usual. Each of us can do our part by engaging our vendors, customers, and colleagues to bring about the new world energy living. If you have any questions or comments, need modules or other equipment, please let Karlita or Robert have an opportunity to bid on your requirements.

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