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Whether they are next door or across the world, understanding our neighbors brings peace to the world.

Understandably, humans respond differently to their neighbors when they have different cultures, religions, life experiences, social-economic backgrounds, and methods of dealing with life. On the surface, we see each other visually, but this sets off messages of whom we think that person is based on our beliefs.

Each time I travel to a new culture, the first thing I want to do is integrate into their community. The saying, “when in Rome do what the Romans do,” has allowed me to travel feeling comfortable no matter where I go. When people see you attempting to understand who they are, their tendency is to want to understand you.

In December 2021, I went to Russia, I was amazed at how accommodating, kind, and open the people I met were. Whether in business or personal the Russian people I met had a genuine interest in how Americans live and friendships.

Growing up during the cold war, I had no idea what to expect before going. I knew I had a business objective, which I would focus on. Not allowing what I was trained to think about Russia “the Russians are coming” to affect my goal. Growing up, we were taught to hide under our tables during drills when the sirens went off. We had practice drills as we do now for storms or national alerts. Russia was our trained enemy.

While there the city was alive with people living good lives. The Russian people have the freedom to move anywhere in and out of the city and travel throughout Russia and abroad. Yes, they are monitored via video cameras which are all over Moscow. Still, people learn where the cameras are like we do when driving in areas with motor vehicle cameras at intersections.

Without politics people are people. When new cultures integrate into the US, there is usually push back from the community they are moving into, initially. However, over time these relationships change. Depending on whether each community is listening to the people of the communities and accepting their integration. In Russia, I saw people from all cultures around the world. On the surface, they seemed to get along. When I asked, I was told the cultures have integrated with understanding. As people one on one we generally get along with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Here are the modules we have available. If there is a specific panel you want let us know.

Canadian Mono

  • 440W = 648 pcs = 259,200 Watts – West & East Coast
  • 450W = 594 pcs = 267,300 Watts – West & East Coast

Other modules:

  • Trina 400W mono 5MWs – Utah
  • Hyundai 390-395W mono 3MWs – CA & NJ
  • QCell 400-420W mono/bifacial 4MWS – NJ & CA
  • RECOM 380W mono 4MWs – NJ

Residential modules

  • Boviet 370W BoB 4MWs – AZ
  • Canadian 390W BoB 1MW – NJ

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