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Why are all the alarm bells ringing about climate change?

For years now, I have wondered why all the alarms for climate change. Being in solar, I see all the work the renewable industry is doing. Yet when you peer into the reality of climate change, the solution is more complex than expected. We have placed the planet and inhabitants in a peculiar position that requires immediate action. To pull from Bill Gates’s years of in-depth research on what the global climate change picture presents us with presently and what we need to do to save humanity. I am speaking about saving humanity and all inhabitants. Allowing them the same lifestyle where the climate doesn’t change where we live and produce.  

“The time is past when humankind thought it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We know now the world is not a commodity “

Francois Hollande

We need to understand how we plug into electricity, how we make things, how we grow things, how we get around, and how we stay cool and warm. These are the five areas causing the most significant climate change and need our attention to find solutions. Starting with how we plugin, this includes what happens during the event of turning on or off electricity.
Americans usually remember the last time the electricity did not turn on, caused by the gird shutting down. We expect when we turn on a switch, it will work. I remember when our oven/microwave did not work one day. We thought it was an appliance malfunction. We eventually learned it was not the oven or microwave, but the electric fuse connected to the system that was burnt and had to be replaced.


What caused the disbelief that the issue had nothing to do with electricity but with the oven/microwave. Every time we turn on a switch, a piece of equipment is electrically powered; it turns on unless the equipment is not working. Here is the timeline of events. One-hour market – This is an economic auction to determine who will supply services and capacity. It includes what prices to make up for the incremental difference between the current forecast for the next hour’s needs.  What was yesterday’s forecast for the same hour; occasionally, a major unplanned event will make the next hour’s reality quite different from yesterday’s forecast. Possible starting and stopping of resources or curtailment of human plans are part of the decision, as are contingencies.

Next is the day ahead DAM – The DAM is an economic auction to determine who will supply energy and services to satisfy the forecasted needs for each hour of the following day.  Optimization finds the slightest cost way to serve the needs while observing the constraints. Every candidate dispatch is validated against the list of contingencies. Some plants will be called to run, some to shut down, and some to run at partial capacity.  For requests to import-export power to other regions. The auctions’ results are posted as tomorrow’s hour-by-hour operating plan available to all participants so that they can make their plans.

Unicorn has an 80MW special, which includes SunTech 445W mono perk modules. Plus, we have 80 MW of “Turnkey Station” inverters/transformers (Sungrow SG3425UD-MV/SG3600UD-MV) and 80 MW of Array Technologies Duratrack single-axis trackers (

Additionally, we have 1–4-day plans, 1-week outage schedules, 1-3 month installed capacity market, 1-year fixed for float swaps, 1–10-year transmission planning, and last 1-20 years generation planning. The next time you are on a flight during the evening, consider all the events taking place that light the cities and towns you are passing. The number of events and the actions requires we keep developing new and better methods to ensure everyone on the planet gets the electricity they need and want. While at the same time, we need to ensure they are not causing carbon dioxide emissions.

To read my article in the North American Clean Energy for March/April issue go to the following link. You will find the article on page 14North American Clean Energy March/April 2021 Issue by North American Clean Energy – Issuu

If you want a video look at the expected growth of 2019/2020 based on an interview in SPI 2019 go to this link:

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