Unicorn Solar is working with Sol-REIT to help finance our customers’ commercial, utility, and residential projects. We have learned that our customers often require capital to grow their business, so Unicorn decided to find an experienced finance team that we can help provide growth opportunities. We hope the following information increases your specific value propositions:

Developers/EPC receive 100% of the loan at NTP- This ensures EPCs are paid and don't have to wait on benchmark payments.Loans are aligned with the PPA term length.We lend against the value of the valuation of the project, not the company.
owning/building it.  This is why we lend 100% upfront.One-time loan, paid at closing. When COD is reached, the construction loan is converted to a perm loan without the paperwork required. Paperwork is completed at the origination of the loan.We can provide tax equity and the whole capital stack if requested.  The tax equity is applied towards the loan repayment; thus, the project and equity is enhanced by 35% at COD. This gives the owner equity, higher bonding capacity, and increased portfolio
valuation.We help Developers/EPCs to stay in their projects instead of selling them before NTP, which means their returns can be 4X over their investments.Now can avoid selling off to aggregators early in the development stage.Once one loan is developed, the rest will be automated, cutting time off in the application process.  Then, submit and approve, and funds are transferred.

Keys for residential installers outside of those mentioned earlier:

  • Looking for installers averaging at least 100+ homes installed per month.
  • Looking for about 1.2MW per month.
  • We lend against the projects, not the company.
  • No upfront fees.
  • Developers can become IPP asset owners without current capital constraints.
  • Our loan significantly lowers the Debt Service Coverage Ratio and improves cash flows for the developer.
  • We are different from a traditional bank/lender.

Sol-REIT, in conjunction with Unicorn, provides 100% at closing. Banks have benchmark payments. The specialty finance firm serves as a structured finance partner to our clients, preparing a single construction to permanent loan. Banks have two for the same process. For our clients, this means you can develop your project with flexible debt terms aligned to the PPA length. Alternatively, banks have mini-perm debt, short-term maturities, and terms that don't match the projects.

Sol-REIT, lower cost of capital, enables efficient deployment proceeds and can serve as your partner for the ENTIRE CAPITAL STACK.  Banks have long underwriting and diligence timelines and many do not know solar.