Risk Management

Risk management identifies, assesses, and controls an organization's capital and earnings threats. Within the solar industry, the areas of high risk are equipment purchases, construction processes, plans, project investing, and development. Risk management allows organizations to prepare for the unexpected by having an experienced employee, agent, or consultant go through the events that would upset a successful result.

With an expert team, we navigate the complexities of equipment procurement, addressing factors like transportation, customs, and market requirements. Unicorn Solar goes beyond traditional sourcing, offering cost-effective solutions for EPCs and installers who often face additional fees through distributors. The fees charged by these companies have a 10-cent delta above Unicorn's prices. Our competitive advantage lies in providing a diverse range of options while ensuring cost-effectiveness, saving our clients from unnecessary expenditures.

Our integrated services cover audits seamlessly, eliminating extra expenses. We act as your dedicated partner, ensuring the best pricing and quality audited panels. Utilizing cutting-edge testing systems, we guarantee optimal data quality and compliance.