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Costs for modules are going up because of hyperinflation in China and polysilicon costs.

Everyone in the solar industry knows by now that solar module prices are going up. What is causing the prices to go up, and is there a way to change the upward price trend?  Since the first step in manufacturing is polysilicon, which is the most significant problem with current pricing, each step along the manufacturing process adds an increased percentage to the cost.

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The production process from raw quartz to solar cells involves a range of steps, starting with the recovery and purification of silicon, followed by its slicing into utilizable disks, which are silicon wafers. Then, further processed into solar cells, which are ready for assembly into modules. The present issue is the continuous surge in raw material costs this year.  The increase has created an excessive price hassle for end-users, our customers.  We require breaking the trend as soon as possible or more businesses will move projects to 2022 or later.
The critical perpetrator behind rising prices is polysilicon, the ultra-conductive material that is the main component in photovoltaic panels. Prices have more than quadrupled in the past year as surging demand for new solar power has outpaced production capacity. The material’s dramatic price rise is causing concerns over supply security and, in some cases, quality.

Additionally, China has the most significant inflation problem in more than a decade.  Solar module costs have risen 21% since the start of the year, potentially causing developers to delay projects. The heads of some of China’s largest solar makers pressed the industry to reduce costs as raw material inflation boosts panel prices for the first time in eight years. Prices may stay high through the rest of the year, but the supply shortage should ease in 2022 and 2023 as new factories come online.

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To read my article in the North American Clean Energy for March/April issue go to the following link. You will find the article on page 14: North American Clean Energy March/April 2021 Issue by North American Clean Energy – Issuu

If you want a video look at the expected growth of 2019/2020 based on an interview in SPI 2019 go to this link:

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