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Did you attend Intersolar? If not, here is what we saw?

The best place to start is to mention that Intersolar’s team was very good at communicating their commitment to having the event during the pre-show period. I am sure they were getting hundreds of requests every day whether the event would take place. I recollect that I received emails explaining the process, expectations, and requirements three times a week. Two of the conditions were vaccinated or tested and masked while attending. It was impressive to see how well everyone followed the rules.

Attendance seemed extremely high we were busy the entire show. There was an unending flow of customers and new opportunities on the first day. On the second day, it was not as busy, but still, we were busy the whole day. It seemed like both days flew past, and we had many more new opportunities to work. Even on the third day, we were busy until it was time to break down and leave.

The central theme was that developers, EPC, and installers looked for modules. Many companies’ projects moved out to a later date. Some towards the end of the year and others in 2023. Because one or another piece of equipment wasn’t available, it often surrounded the modules.

Everyone that attended seemed to be happy that they were there. We at Unicorn were delighted and appreciated all the support from our customers and new opportunities to do business.

Here is a list of modules we presently have:

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