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How can USD service you?

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Perfect partners don’t exist. Perfect conditions exist for a limited time in which partnerships express themselves best.

Wayne Rooney


USD has partnered directly with best in class Tier 1 manufacturers and can deliver better pricing than most companies can achieve going direct. The decision making on which modules USD makes available for our customers is what best benefits our customers. We are focused on ensuring the best quality products used for the build of materials (BOM) enhancing product performance. USD partnering companies having full automation and a willingness to work towards implementing artificial  intelligence for their factory lines.

We check the equipment used throughout the production line and how it is being maintained. Review schedules and how they perform to stated schedules. USD’s view is to bring the best panels available in the market to our customers without focus on brand name, rather quality.


What USD brings to you is our years of module manufacturing experience. Many EPC’s, IPP’s, project developers, and financial institutions pay companies to do factory audits. USD does the same for its customers at no charge and adds their years of working for manufacturers directly thus knowing what to look for.



USD has available Tier 1 all black and silver 60 cell modules with wattages ranging from 290W and 310W and silver 72 cell modules wattage classes between 370s and 410s.

If you are attending SPI let’s set up a meeting, please call 916-284-8841 or email me at

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
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