Solar Energy

How is solar positioned to meet the energy demands of our future?

 “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Mahatma Gandhi

What makes renewable energy companies want to develop solar? Investors want to finance projects, and American consumers and businesses want to own solar, mainly because it’s often the most affordable electricity option. Most important is it’s not subject to the volatility of other energy markets. Recent surveys have found overwhelming bipartisan support to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy. Over 79 percent of Americans from across the political spectrum want the government to prioritize the development of solar over fossil fuels.

When U.S. developers, financial institutions, EPC, and installers were surveyed on their confidence in the renewable sector, even with the backdrop of COVID-19, most expressed a strong sense of optimism. Although solar will be dealing with some supply-chain disruptions and other pandemic-related delays, the long-term outlook for renewable energy growth in the U.S. remains positive. Investors and developers reported optimism in the continued growth of the solar energy sector over the next three years. Financial institutions investing more than $500 million annually responded with the highest level of confidence for the sector’s attractiveness and long-term health.


What solar needs presently are policies to respond to the challenges impacting solar development, and employment this year and for years to come. The energy sector requires commonsense measures to reduce carbon from our atmosphere. The federal government can monetize the renewable tax credits by reinitiating a policy that benefits our community. The world at large will benefit immensely by renewing the tax credits to reflect a reasonable response to the global climate crisis. Over the long term, we will look to policy reforms, market drivers, and electricity market refinements to fully decarbonize the power sector.
With an administration working for the people by giving solar the funding and consideration worth the value, it gives back to our economy and clean air to breathe and protect our environment. Over the long term, we will look to policy reforms, market drivers, and electricity market refinements to fully decarbonize the power sector. We require active pushing and pulling of the federal government to get closer to a new economy where generations benefit from our actions.

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