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Is it time for the US market to begin manufacturing solar modules again?

“The great differentiator in business is when an organization steps out and creates value from something never tried before.”

Kerry Baskins

If the US Congress and Administration realized how damaging the present conditions are for solar companies maybe, they would work together and solve the manufacturing issues relating to solar. US developers, EPCs, and installers have experienced forced labor camp polysilicon issues, logistics issues, anti-circumvention charges increasing, and increased tariffs on imported goods from Asia. All causing project delays in the middle of the energy cost rising from the electric utilities at a rate of 4 to 6% annually (depending on utility).

When US companies in solar have planned and projected prices decreasing continually, and the opposite happens it means moving projects into the future. Many solar companies have already moved projects a year out. Instead of pricing getting lower the increases are taking away all the profits, so something must change.

What would it take to bring solar manufacturing back to the US? It takes bringing solar glass manufacturing to the US as well as polysilicon, wafers, and cells. Two of the basic building blocks that were started in the US have almost completely disappeared from the US market. There is glass being manufactured for thin film production done for FirstSolar but no glass for HJT or PERC. There is poly production which could be increased and probably will happen in the future under the correct conditions.

The present administration had the right idea with some of the climate change initiatives, but do you think Congress can work together for the national security of our country? No, it seems as though they would rather fight instead of work together. Probably the biggest issue is that the US population has not been attentive enough to make a stand as they did during Viet Nam. I say enough is enough we need to make a standby communicating to our Congress and administration and letting them know we citizens want to control our own energy production.

If you want to help let us know we at Unicorn have been working with a company that is desperately attempting to bring solar back to the US.

If you are looking for modules now you can contact us, and we will do our best to find the modules that best fit your project.

If you require any modules, please let us know. Here is some of the stock we have remaining. Also, if there is a specific panel let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.

JA bifacial

445W – MWs – east and west coast


Canadian bifacial

480W/485W – MWs – east and west coast


Hyundai mono

390W – east and west coast

395W – east and west coast


RECOM mono

380W – east coast

If you have any questions, please contact Karlita or Robert and they will be happy to assist you.



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