Solar Energy

State of the Solar Industry

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“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”


Arriving at SPI on Sunday, it had a feeling of Growth, Power, Possibility, Success, etc… Day one, there was a flooding of attendees moving through the doors onto the floor and filling up the booths with people. Eventually, the surge of attendees slowed, but the volume of people was around 19,000.


PV InfoLink has forecasted that the demand in China could reach 50GW in 2020, although expectations were at 33.6GW. I concur with PV InfoLink and site additional driving indicators. The world communities focus on climate change. Solar investors are hunting for projects. New companies keep entering solar, causing a push-pull growth. The cost of solar is competitive compared to the complete list of energy sources.


Although many companies requiring modules are thinking that the price will be lower after the 3rd quarter. My view is be prepared and watch the indicators surrounding solar. Buy when you can, if the market continues to get stronger, expect prices to go up. Have alternate suppliers to ensure you have modules for your projects.



The State of Solar is growing and surpassing the value of other electric energy sources. Allow me to be one of the companies you work with when you require panels. USD is finding homeless modules and getting them into a project. The volumes vary from 5MWs to 20MWs.

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