Tarrif June’s Newsletter

June 5th, 2024 Newsletter
New Tariff and How it is Affecting the US Supply Chain

The U.S. has recently imposed new tariffs on solar modules imported from several Asian countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. These tariffs address concerns that Chinese manufacturers circumvent existing duties by routing their products through these countries.
The tariffs are expected to impact the cost structure and supply chain dynamics for solar equipment in the U.S., potentially increasing the overall cost of solar installations. This move underscores the ongoing trade tensions and the U.S. government’s effort to bolster domestic manufacturing.
Although the IRA is good for increasing manufacturing in the US, the timing is at least a year too early to prevent some issues with the supply chain. What will happen is that the oversupply is drying up, and we will move into a situation where there aren’t sufficient modules to support the projects.Unicorn Solar is a free-market company that abides by US tariffs and regulations. Although we would prefer there were no tariffs, we understand this is prompting the increased investment in building manufacturing in the US, which has many benefits.

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