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The global solar market is flourishing, and we predict “1 trillion watts” installed by 2023

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The global solar market is flourishing, and we predict that the world will have “1 trillion watts” of installed solar PV capicity by 2023. There are enormous potential and massive opportunities for energy investors, as well as for renewable energy supporters who are striving to achieve affordable, reliable, sustainable, solar energy for all. USD is here to get you updated about what is going on in the solar energy industry by providing quality solar energy news regarding different aspects of our industry. Also, we are here to assist you with any of your equipment needs.

Where is the solar industry now? Companies are getting back to the business of getting projects completed and working towards adding new projects to their portfolios. Many companies are switching solar panel suppliers, buying from companies that have modules in stock. With coronavirus placing a “timeout” on some aspects of manufacturing, buying, and selling, many companies kept completing projects that already had permitting, equipment, and financing.
Developers and EPC’s accept that some projects might be delayed, and work on refinancing and adjusting the schedule accordingly. For residential solar companies, they probably have completed all backlog of orders now. It is time for residential and C&I companies to get back selling and adding new customers. Most integrators have used up supplies of panels, inverters, and racking systems they had already and adjusting customer expectations to how long it will take for their home or business array to complete.

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What is striking about this year is home solar installations typically dip in the first quarter of a given year.  We are not in a typical year, along with coronavirus, we had a surge in battery+solar for residential installs. In the fall of 2019, PG&E the NorCal utility cut off power to millions of people to avoid starting fires. As the reality sank in that Bay Area homeowners couldn’t count on the grid working during a prolonged heatwave, they started taking matters into their own hands by going with solar+batteries.

When customers choose between having and not having electricity, they will select the path of least resistance, by adding renewables. Going with solar+batteries for companies, benefit the end-users by getting additional hours of energy at reduced costs. At a time when fewer people are working in each business to address social distancing, all energy users are affected negatively. Only solar or solar+batteries can make up the financial difference. To be clear, solar is the industry that will help us all get to grid parity and reduce the amount of fossil fuel required for electricity.

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