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The Importance of Factory Auditing

At Unicorn Solar, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with regulations is at the core of our commitment to our customers. As part of our De-Risking the purchasing process program, we audit and visit the factories in Asia where our solar products are being manufactured in a quarterly basis.

We believe that thorough factory audits are crucial to ensuring that every product we offer aligns with the highest regulatory standards and quality benchmarks. These audits serve as a stringent quality control measure, guaranteeing that our customers receive solar solutions that are not only efficient but also fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

Currently, our CMO and Co-founder, Robert Benedict, is in Asia overseeing these crucial auditing processes. This ensures that every product aligns with our stringent quality standards and meets all regulatory requirements. By having a hands-on approach, we can provide you with the utmost confidence in the products you purchase from Unicorn Solar.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportune moment. Planning your solar equipment purchases now provides a unique advantage – the opportunity to benefit from Robert’s direct oversight during production and to potentially negotiate more favorable prices.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities, and our commitment to auditing and quality assurance reflects our dedication to De-Risking the purchasing process for you. Trust Unicorn Solar for all your solar procurement needs. Contact us to get a quote!

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