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“Thoughts on communication, collaboration, and listening.”

What we presently need in the world is more collaboration and the willingness to listen to each other. Unfortunately, there is a lot of one-sided talking instead of two-sided communication and collaboration.

The best way to define collaboration would be to outline it as the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. So, it is when two or more people work together to achieve shared goals.

Consider the creation of a content marketing strategy. It requires multiple teams to provide input, make requests, or share information. They typically include the content team (team lead, writers, editors), SEO experts, marketing team, product managers, and customer-facing teams. Collaboration allows all these diverse skill sets and knowledge reserves to be linked together to set a comprehensive content strategy designed to achieve.

To listen is to give attention to sound or action. When listening, one hears what others are saying and tries to understand what it means. The act of listening involves complex affective, cognitive, and behavioral processes. Affective processes include the motivation to listen to others; cognitive processes include attending to, understanding, receiving, and interpreting content and relational messages; and behavioral processes include responding to others with verbal and nonverbal feedback.

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