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Unicorn Solar is happy to announce we enjoyed meeting many of you at our booth during RE+/SPI

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Unicorn Solar is happy to announce we enjoyed meeting many of you at our booth during RE+/SPI. It was a great pleasure to see everyone. What we learned from our meetings is everyone is excited about the IRA program which Biden enacted along with the house and senate.

What Unicorn has done is assist a US company to bring module manufacturing back to the US market. Give us about 8 months and you can start buying US modules from our new UL-certified US brand. We will be selling the 1.5GWs to our present customers first. If there are remaining quantities, then we will sell to new customers.

As you probably know we visited nine factories in Cambodia and Vietnam. At that point, no other US companies had visited any of these factories. Our meetings with suppliers were extremely fruitful and we have availability for most size projects from now and through 2023 and beyond. The change most affecting the industry now is availability. Yet we have availability at excellent pricing based on today’s market many years forward.

Additionally, because of the trust created between our customers and us, we have been pushed to add battery technology with AI in connection with the inverters that are designed with the batteries. If you are interested in batteries, please let us know and we will get you information about our supply and pricing.

Get ready for a US brand where Unicorn and our partners are investing in a 1.5GW US factory.

We were in Cambodia and Vietnam for two weeks, meeting suppliers, and we can bring you better pricing for Q1 and Q2 deliveries. However, the change most affecting the industry now is availability.

Unicorn wants to check if you are looking for more modules. We are met with six Tier 1 manufacturers to lock down modules for our customers. Also, we met with three-tier 2 manufacturers that have been doing OEM for Tier 1 factories for years. So let us know if you want to get on a call and discuss – 916-284-8841 or 916-578-3120.

ZnShine Mono Perk BoB (residential)

400-405W – 10MWs containers available in five weeks

AE Solar bifacial (commercial and utility)

540W – preorder 6 to 8-week delivery times

I do have three other options from Cambodia and Vietnam, SolarSpace, Dehui, and “D&G.” All these brands are close to Tier 1 status.

At Unicorn Solar, we appreciate your interest in our company and would appreciate it if you give us some feedback on your thoughts about our services. So please go to the following link It should take less than 30 seconds.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Karlita or Robert; we will be happy to assist you.


Robert W Benedict, III
Unicorn Solar Development, Inc.
Phone 916-284-8841
8002 Avanti Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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