Unicorn Solar’s New Beginnings

April 3th, 2024 Newsletter

Unicorn Solar’s new beginnings April starts with the spring season in full swing. Just like mother nature surprises us with new life, Unicorn Solar is living a chapter of rebirth, transitioning into new positive changes. Once nestled among the cluttered skyline of corporate giants, Unicorn Solar emerged, a beacon of innovation in the solar equipment sales industry. As we said goodbye to some valuable team members, we now say hello and welcome our new collaborators: Sarahy, Daniela, Carl and Wade, who recently joined our sales and marketing team. Despite the inevitable challenges along the way, our team will remain steadfast in their vision and passion for sustainability as we embark on a journey marked by new beginnings and bold aspirations. Our venture began modestly, with a small office space and a handful of dedicated employees. Modules, inverters, and batteries became our transformation tools, each product representing a step towards a greener future. Through meticulous research and strategic partnerships, Unicorn Solar continues to curate a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring their offerings are at the forefront of industry standards. So, rest assured that your procurement needs are in the best hands! De-risking the purchasing process is our brand and our commitment to excellence because the smallest beginnings can lead to monumental achievements.

Looking ahead, we cordially invite you to join us at RE+ Event in Houston, Texas, May 14-15th, at booth 911. This forum will give you the best environment for more in-depth talks, facilitating a profound understanding of your specific needs and exploring potential avenues for collaboration. Schedule your meeting!
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