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What is driving the roller-coaster ride of the polysilicon price?

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The polysilicon price has seen many ups and downs over the last few decades. Which factors cause this volatility? What is the current spot price today? How good is the information from various price data providers? How has the polysilicon price developed since 1981?

Besides the shutdown of East Hope’s plant in Xinjiang after a fire on June 17, reduced output due to regular maintenance at other Chinese factories is driving up the global polysilicon spot price average. As a result, EnergyTrend’s spot price index of mono-grade polysilicon in China has leaped from US41.61/kg last week to US43.09/kg (incl. 13% VAT).

The typical driver of such a price rally arises from market psychology: Fear of shortage leads to panic buying. In the current case, speculative traders also jumped on the bandwagon and massively hoarded material to sell it at a high price later. According to Chinese media, at least 20% of the polysilicon market volume is now in the hands of middlemen.

Apart from the psychological overreaction, market fundamentals require consideration when purchasing poly. Demand is outstripping supply. At the beginning of the year, it was already clear that polysilicon demand would be higher than the available production capacity, at least in the first three quarters of 2021. In such a situation, the market price is not determined by the cash costs of the last producer needed to satisfy demand but by the buyers’ willingness to pay.

If you require any modules, please let us know. Here is some of the stock we have remaining. Also, if there is a specific panel, let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

ZnShine Mono Perk BoB (residential)

400-405W – 16 containers available in two weeks

JA bifacial (commercial/utility)

445/450W – MWs available – east and west coast

Canadian bifacial (commercial/utility)

445/450/455 East 475/480W/485W West – MWs available

HaiTai bifacial (commercial/utility)

530-540W – MWs East or West coast

Heliene (commercial/utility)

540W MWs available after September 2022

I do have two other options with FutureSolar and Alpex. Both companies we planned to co-brand together before COVID. But unfortunately, when COVID happened, we put the plan on hold. Yet, I sold modules for him, and we are working on getting him Tier 1 status with Bloomberg. So now we are working on doing the co-brand again.

Finding a reliable manufacturer fulfills some of the product requirements when an owner can work with a Tier 2 manufacturer. Suppose this manufacturer is close to Tier-1 status. Alpex has been manufacturing for the Indian Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers and is Tier 1 in India and has bankability proof.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Karlita or Robert; they will be happy to assist you.


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