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“What is Peace” and “How do we get to Peace?”

“We don’t realize that somewhere, within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.”

If you contemplate the word peace, an array of different thoughts could come to mind. One of the thoughts that come to me is listening. You do not know what the other party wants to communicate without listening. But unfortunately, when there is agitation between the parties, listening becomes complicated. Occasionally, the other party is waiting to pounce back. So how do the parties align and begin negotiating a fair resolution?

It requires opening a line of communication with people willing to understand the other position. This person does not have to be the decision-maker but has to be someone whose message will be heard. It does not mean agreeing to, but being heard. Only the decision-maker changes their position. Unfortunately, there is no one to listen to in some cases, and the disruption continues.

Another thought that comes to me when considering peace is the experience of love. Surrounding ourselves in love through opening the heart channel is where peace exists. The feeling we project through the heart is openness. Even in the centre of danger, love rules if you can connect to your heart and open its energy. If we love our brothers and sisters of the world, we gain life and peace. We walk alongside each other uplifting our experiences and presence.

Additionally, peace is non-confrontational. It means digesting information and then looking for a method to give neutral comments when responding. It allows for new information and making new decisions. Finally, peace means presence with openness.

If you require any modules, please let us know. Here is some of the stock we have remaining. Also, if there is a specific panel let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.

JA bifacial

445W – MWs available – east and west coast

Canadian bifacial

445/450/455 East 475/480W/485W West – MWs available

Heliene bifacial



400W and 420W



I do have two other options with FutureSolar and Alpex. Both companies we planned to co-brand together before COVID. But unfortunately, when COVID happened, we put the plan on hold. Yet, I sold modules for him, and we are working on getting him Tier 1 status with Bloomberg. So now we are working on doing the co-brand again.

Finding a reliable manufacturer fulfills some of the product requirements when an owner can work with a Tier 2 manufacturer. Suppose this manufacturer is close to Tier-1 status. Alpex has been manufacturing for the Indian Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers and is Tier 1 in India and has bankability proof.

If you have any questions, please contact Karlita or Robert and they will be happy to assist you.

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