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What signs do we see concerning the Future of Solar

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it.  “Unknown” 

Almost four years ago, the political pendulum moved from moderate liberal to super conservative. The present administration placed more focus on fossil fuel generation than renewables. Although the solar institutional organization such as SEIA are doing what they can to inform congress of the job layoffs and losses, so far, there is no remedy.







Previous to COVID-19 solar had a growing commercial and industrial solar market now affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which in addition to sickening hundreds of thousands, has crippled the economy, halted some solar construction, and pushed back project timelines. Analysts expect the virus and the prevailing economic uncertainty to slow the market considerably, but the extent of the damage depends on how long the crisis continues.
Before the pandemic, our industry had over 250,000 workers. Presently statistics are showing that about half the industry is at full pay; the remaining half of the industry is on partial compensation or laid-off. From a robust industry, we already see a significant contraction in the residential installation sector. Cancellations were initially up by 30% in some markets and could reach 50% in many places; new sales are down similar amounts.

What the solar industry needs now is a political pendulum change again from conservative to a stance more liberal and focused on energy sustainability. Through providing above-national-average wages, and injects nearly $19 billion annually in infrastructure investments across the country. Many solar projects depend on utilizing the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Manufacturing and shipping delays of ITC “safe harbor” qualifying equipment and other equipment are putting at risk the tax credit qualification of projects currently under development and in construction.

Below are modules available for you to purchase.

At USD, we believe there will be a political change based on the populace feeling the current administration was slow at their virus response. When the political change occurs, we believe the solar industry will be getting a boost in the form of an increased ITC program returning to the original 30% at a minimum. Many states see solar as a stabilizing force and a way out of our present slowdown. Additionally, the new administration will include solar in an infrastructure package to help rebuild our economy and gain a reduction in climate change. Above, you can see some of the modules and pricing we have available. Please let Karlita or Robert know if you require any of these modules or if there is a specific module you are looking for and allow us to assist you in the purchase. We have multiple different modules and wattages available.

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