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According to a new analysis, a boom in solar and wind has pushed the amount of electricity produced by renewable energy to record levels last year. 

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The use of coal, oil, and gas to produce electricity is expected to fall in 2023, according to the report published Wednesday by energy think tank Ember. This would mark the first year to see a decline in the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity outside of a global recession or pandemic.

The report found that levels of planet-heating pollution from fossil fuel electricity generation may have already peaked. The findings show that the world has reached the “beginning of the end of the fossil age.” “We are entering the clean power era.”

Ember analyzed data from 78 countries representing 93% of global demand for electricity for the fourth edition of its annual Global Electricity Review.

According to the report, nearly 40% of global electricity is now powered by renewables and nuclear energy, marking a new record high.

Wind and solar comprised 12% of global energy generation in 2022, up from 10% the previous year.

Solar energy was the fastest-growing source of electricity in 2022 for the 18th year in a row, rising by 24% compared to the previous year. Wind generation increased by 17%.

Ember forecasts that in 2023, clean energy will be able to meet the total growth in electricity demand.

Fossil fuels do still dominate, however. Coal power remained the single largest source of electricity globally, accounting for 36% of global electricity production in 2022. This is because the overall electricity demand rose, and not all of it was met from renewable sources.

But Ember forecasts that 2022 will mark a “peak” in levels of planet-heating pollution from electricity generation and the final year of fossil power growth. The report predicts a slight drop in fossil fuel generation of 0.3%, in 2023, with more significant falls in subsequent years as wind and solar energy takes off.

“The stage is set for wind and solar to achieve a meteoric rise to the top.”

Reprinted (in part) from CNN

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