Solar Energy

See how it benefits the solar energy.

With the arrival of spring, we welcome the season of renewal and rejuvenation. As the days get longer and the temperature begins to rise, we can look forward to enjoying more sunshine and warmer weather.

The increased amount of daylight hours and the angle of the sun’s rays result in a boost in solar energy production. This is great news for those who have installed solar panels on their homes or businesses, as it means they can expect to see a significant increase in their energy savings.This makes spring the perfect time to invest in solar energy systems or to upgrade existing ones.

Investing in renewables contributes to a cleaner and brighter future, while we increase energy production and the creation of jobs in an industry constantly on the rise. We can look forward to a boost in solar energy production and an increase in energy savings. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to invest in renewable energy and contribute to a cleaner, brighter future.

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Product of the month!
BDM-600X MICROINVERTER   • Low cost $/watt micro inverter • High continuos output power up to 580Wac, recommended for dual max 450W solar panel. • High efficiency with 95.5% CEC • Integrated grounding for easy installation • Integrated monitoring and power line communication with RDG-256 gateway

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