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“American independence is a special event in world history”

The American Revolutionary War fought by the Thirteen Colonies against the British Empire was the first successful war of independence by a non-European entity against a European power in modern history.

America starts with ordinary people wanting to leave the tyranny of Kings and Queens, dictators, and every other governmental system at the time. They left a life they knew and wanted to venture to new fertile lands where the possibilities were unimaginable.

After arriving, settlers-built communities around the desire for a better living and no rules/rulers telling them what they could do. Then England started to overtax the people who left the rule of European countries to create their path. Eventually, Americans joined together and formed a congress, the Continental Congress, and Washington voted for the first President.

Our second President, John Adams, was appointed as the sole minister charged with negotiations to establish a commercial treaty with Britain and end the war. He served in this capacity for years until Adam’s election to the Presidency in 1796.

Next, Jefferson became the President, and his mission was to have a team of his most knowledgeable men blaze a trail across the entire US, East to West. At the time, no one (except the indigenous Indians) knew what lay in the vast land beyond the Missouri River. So, he commissioned Lewis and Clark to go by water across the entire continent. Jefferson, Lewis, and Clark thought there would be a waterway going across East to West.

Also, Jefferson wanted to purchase the port in Lusiana; instead, France sold Jefferson 800,000 square miles. Which was controversial yet became the most significant land purchase in world history. He knew America would be stronger if we owned all the land from sea to shining sea in North America.

Then our seventh President was Andrew Jackson. Although a ruthless General who mercilessly killed all native Americans. Jackson considered the Indigenous as causing US expansion issues by killing or harassing settlers. So, President Jackson forced them into a treaty, and the US calvary took the indigenous to reservations opening up thousands of acres of land for settlers. After his term in office, he prompted US citizens to elect James Polk to continue his plans for US expansionism.

Through Generals and Kit Carson, Polk created discord with the settlers in Mexican lands, at the time considered Mexico. As a result, the settlers moved to the land of Texas and California. Colonel Houston and Kit Carson intentionally caused discord with the locals explaining they did not own the land. It was Mexican, and they would never own it, causing the settlers to revolt. Then he sent troops to support the rebellion, and the Mexican Calvery fought against the settlers and troops sent by Polk.

In a short fight, the Mexican shoulders surrendered, and the US took ownership of the land from sea to shining sea. This completed the vision of Jefferson and every President after. Our founders prepared us. Now it is our job to keep the Union alive.

If you require any modules, please let us know. Here is some of the stock we have remaining. Also, if there is a specific panel, let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

JA bifacial

445/450W – MWs available – east and west coast

Canadian bifacial

445/450/455 East 475/480W/485W West – MWs available


540W MWs available after September 2022

I do have two other options with FutureSolar and Alpex. Both companies we planned to co-brand together before COVID. But unfortunately, when COVID happened, we put the plan on hold. Yet, I sold modules for him, and we are working on getting him Tier 1 status with Bloomberg. So now we are working on doing the co-brand again.

Finding a reliable manufacturer fulfills some of the product requirements when an owner can work with a Tier 2 manufacturer. Suppose this manufacturer is close to Tier-1 status. Alpex has been manufacturing for the Indian Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturers and is Tier 1 in India and has bankability proof.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Karlita or Robert; they will be happy to assist you.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Karlita or Robert; they will be happy to assist you.

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