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BOS Systems the Baseline for Solar Success

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One of the most delicate parts of every project is getting the BOS system pricing correct. BOS components that include solar inverters, mounting system, wiring, switches, battery bank, and chargers, can represent up to 50 percent of the total cost in the purchase of a project. Knowledgeable BOS project managers can control costs, increase efficiency, and upgrade any PV system. The recent changes in the tariffs have “temporarily” increased the costs of some of the components like solar panels inverters and the steel used in racking systems.

NREL Cost Summary figure 1 above

When determining all the factors of the project, there are some important costs to consider, like bundled and wrapped systems, type of installation, compatibility, and interconnectivity. There are many advantages to the cost of balance of systems. If chosen correctly, BOS can increase business by venturing in new markets like agriculture, non-profit, education, and government projects.

Some benefits of close BOS controls are increase job creation, training, and the development of new resources. The efficiency of these components helps create a customized alternative that will generate better systems with the highest irradiation potential and highest generation per kilowatt-hour.


When offering a PV solution to a customer, know the costs, and show a comparison between different installing options, including insulation and short-term value. There are cases in which some BOS components are irrelevant, reducing the price by subtracting from the total cost. Finally, the biggest asset is experience: recommend what works by offering low, low maintenance, and seamless BOS operations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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