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Climate change is an extraordinarily complex issue what are some solutions?

Climate change is an extraordinarily complex issue where using present technology will be virtually impossible to meet our goals. The reason is that nearly all of today’s zero-carbon technologies are more expensive than their fossil-fuel counterparts. To continue providing the benefits of a modern lifestyle to people worldwide, we need new zero-carbon products that are equally affordable. It will be hard to create those products, but we can get there if the present administration invests in research and development. Suppose we were investing in innovation and building out the infrastructure for the transition to a clean economy.

Three requirements open the door to climate control. First, we need to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies to eliminate emissions throughout the physical economy. Second, we need to tap the power of markets to fund and deploy these innovations by using creative ways to finance technologies and by leveling the playing field so they can compete with fossil fuels. Third, governments and corporations need to adopt policies that will make it faster and cheaper to make the transition, and leaders will need to reward those who take complex steps.
This last year has been a tragic reminder that we need to prepare for global threats. The world governments and populations were unprepared for COVID-19. Does the world want to repeat the creeping up of non-reversible climate change, which, if not contained, will change every person’s life? Yes, some people wealthy enough can survive, but for how long? Eventually, the planet will not support the population and the requirement for food, water, energy, and materials to build and live similar to our lifestyle now.



We have only some of the tools we need to eliminate the world’s greenhouse gases. We need breakthroughs in the way we generate and store clean electricity, grow food, make things, move around, and heat and cool our buildings. We need to do these things without adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. To revolutionize the world’s physical economy, serious ingenuity, billions to trillions in funding, and focus from the federal government.

Only governments have the resources to drive the research we need. We require a fivefold increase in funding because we’re starting from such a low technology level. The federal government puts around $7 billion a year into clean-energy research, versus more than $35 billion a year into medical research. Increasing funding in both health care and energy would create more than 370,000 to a million jobs while also advancing a clean-energy agenda.

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To read my article in the North American Clean Energy for March/April issue go to the following link. You will find the article on page 14North American Clean Energy March/April 2021 Issue by North American Clean Energy – Issuu

If you want a video look at the expected growth of 2019/2020 based on an interview in SPI 2019 go to this link:

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