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Energy independence leads the economy as climate change is on the horizon.

This year leading into Independence Day, I had on my mind all the generations of Benedicts that have been in the United States. My 8th Great Grandfather Thomas and Grandmother Mary Benedict came to the United States from Suffolk, England, to Massachusetts in 1638. The United States was a new land open to the adventuresome looking for a new way of life.  For generations, immigrants have ventured here, placing their mark on this country.

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”



When each community and culture came here, they were treated as disrupters. Over time their communities were integrated. Each of these ethnic groups added to the diversity and strength of the United States. Over and over, this process has occurred, and eventually, they were all part of what makes the United States of America.  Over time we became the great industrialized nation, burning fossil fuels at a staggering speed.
Now the world has reached a point of global carbon disaster. Neutrality will take time and require a concerted effort among companies, organizations, governments, and willpower, with industries’ commitment to sustainable business practices up and down the supply chain. The PV companies continue to lead the way in achieving carbon neutrality.

As a global effort, each nation needs to remove fossil fuels as the primary source of energy production while we keep the economy moving forward. The least carbon footprint we create, the closer we get to achieving a carbon natural life. Although the combination of energy independence and solving climate change goes hand in hand, energy creation only represents 26% of this crisis. For the planet to achieve zero carbon footprint, we must create and continue the development of new technologies not commercialized yet. Unfortunately, some of the technologies have probably not been invented yet.

The climate problem is so massive I do not see sufficient solutions to prevent continued environmental problems of warming and sea levels rising while land becomes engulfed by water. Some countries will benefit, and others will be devastated, causing widespread hunger, drought, disease, and other ailments we have not heard of yet. This is our planet, and it is time we take care of it like we would our own home, yard, and property. We are doing this for us and the generations who will follow us.

Breaking news from the Biden Administration they are restricting imports of modules manufactured with polysilicon by Hoshine Silicon Co based on allegations of forced labor.

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To read my article in the North American Clean Energy for March/April issue go to the following link. You will find the article on page 14: North American Clean Energy March/April 2021 Issue by North American Clean Energy – Issuu

If you want a video look at the expected growth of 2019/2020 based on an interview in SPI 2019 go to this link:

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If you want 450W to 600W modules let us know as we can get the best pricing. Please email me at or call 916-284-8841

Last week’s question, “Can we solve the climate issue?” 41% of the respondents said, Yes.” 

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