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Energy storage is moving towards a booming industry, why?

During the life of your solar project, energy rates will increase between five to eight times. Grid congestion, renewable deployments, and decommissioned generation will drive new utility and ISO programs. Solar with storage will have access to an increasing number of energy savings and revenue programs. Customers clearly state that solar plus storage addresses many of their business needs and concerns.

“Democracy is based upon the conviction; there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick

Business Needs:

·    Operational excellence.
·    Protect the environment.
·    Corporate responsibility.
·    Improves resilience.
·    Meet sustainability goals.
·    New cash flow streams.
·    Future-proofing of existing assets.
·    We are boosting brand viability.


Previously end users had to turn off power to avoid expensive demand spikes during peak hours. Most energy producers need to operate and produce without being hampered by energy constraints. Early adopters will maximize incentives, programs, and tax credits that will decrease the barrier to entry. Future-Proofing: Energy storage not only increases the ROI of your solar projects but the solar assets against future changes when we use energy. Choosing when you want to use power should not be dictated by cost when we have a storage solution.

Industrial-grade batteries paired with artificial intelligence to help build operators and energy managers automatically lower costs and enhance renewables while supporting a reliable, sustainable electric grid. Battery by itself is energy waiting to be applied. Add brains to the battery, and it will function via your set parameters.  The brains dictate when and how much energy is delivered to your project—allowing you to forecast energy consumption, instructing the battery when to charge, and discharge at appropriate times for cycling.

Based on the above facts, USD has partnered with Stem and now has the accreditation needed for storage. If you are looking for storage options on your next or any future projects, please allow us to ensure your storage investment brings the expected returns.

If you are looking for low cost high efficiency modules or storage please read below.

Looking for an amazing module deal then please contact us ASAP and we have a number of modules at extremely low prices? We are not advertising the name of panels but they are Tier 1 with full warranty. The owner requested only one-on-one sales.

Please go to the below link if you are interested in reading my article in the North American Clean Energy periodical about “Raising Capital While Cutting Loss.”:
If you have two months before requiring modules please let us know, and we will remove all risk by auditing your order from BOM through delivery.

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USD focuses on ensuring our customers have a pleasant experience purchasing modules or storage. We have refined the steps of the bid, acceptance, and delivery process. We perform the steps required to satisfy the requirements of all the parties in the acquisition and sale. Please contact us with any questions, and we can help you better understand the value of hiring module professionals to assist your module purchase process.

Have questions please contact Karlita or Robert, and we will be happy to assist you? 

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