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How does cybersecurity affect all of us?

In the world of cyber security, the last thing you want is to have a target painted on you.


We all believe it can never happen to us, and then it does. Well, I recently had an instance where cybersecurity affected me. Corporate cybersecurity needs to cover technological setup and processes and strengthened by efforts and precautions from the employees. One of the most common causes of a corporate cybersecurity breach is when employees fail to uphold maximum security measures often caused by login details.



  • Have a clear company policy on what devices can be used, including computers, phones, WiFi, etc.
  • Make sure to use a firewall and have a strong antivirus program on all computers.
  • Install adblockers and protective extensions on your browser to safeguard your surfing.
  • Scan all email before opening and only open email from a known source. Keep passwords and other login details confidential.
  • Use different combinations of capitals, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. Use well know or verified websites, especially when adding credit card information.


  • Download programs or install programs without contacting the IT department.
  • Don’t install programs you do not need for work or require unique firewall extensions.
  • Do not go to or download from pirated, or suspicious sites.
  • Never open links or files that you are not sure of the sender.
  • When connected to a public network, do not send credit or banking information.
  • Keep your passwords private.
  • When writing down passwords, keep in a secure environment.

This experience has taught me that, along with our web and email usage, we at USD need to ensure our environment is secure by following excellent cybersecurity protocols. We are now doing monthly meetings addressing cyber issues and reviewing with our employee’s and partners correct procedures.

USD partners with CEP Solar

To bring in a new year for USD, our team and the team at CEP Solar are putting in place a partnership so both companies can benefit from the skills of the other. CEP is one of the earliest module inspection teams in the solar industry starting their business in 2006. With two separate entities, our customers get the best in module pricing and inspections that cover every aspect to ensure your modules are best in class for your project. If you have any questions, please contact Robert or Karlita.

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