Solar Energy

Unicorn Solar’s business and energy Poem

In the realm of renewable energy, a beacon shines bright, Unicorn Solar is a champion of the sun’s pure light. With modules and storage, they pave the way, For a greener tomorrow, come what may.   Founded in Folsom, a vision so clear, To power the world with renewable energy sincere. Quality products and services they bestow, Guiding us towards a sustainable flow.   From PV modules to thin film delight, Unicorn Solar’s solutions take flight. Inverters and accessories complete the tale, Ensuring solar power will prevail.   So let’s join hands and take a stand, For a future powered by Unicorn’s grand. Together we’ll soar, with the sun as our guide, Thanks to Unicorn Solar, our sustainable pride.  

Looking ahead, we cordially invite you to join us at RE+ Event in Houston, Texas, May 14-15th, booth 911. This forum will give you the best environment for more in-depth talks, facilitating a profound understanding of your specific needs and exploring potential avenues for collaboration.
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