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What is the big deal about solar+storage??

During the life of your solar project, energy rates will increase between five to eight times. Grid congestion, renewable deployments, and decommissioned generation will drive new utility and ISO programs. Solar with storage will have access to an increasing number of energy savings and revenue programs. What is driving these changes?

Many of life’s failures are people who do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

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Across the U.S., we are seeing climate change devastating forests, waterfronts, homes, and entire communities, causing electrical issues and forced rebuilding. Although outage duration and frequency have remained stagnant for years, C&I company’s expectations for future reliability improvement have not. Most companies expect steady or rapid progress in power reliability within the next two or three years. However, compared to relatively stagnant outage duration and frequency, this represents a growing divide between what C&I customers expect and what they are experiencing. If the reliability trend continues its plateau and customer expectations continue to rise, C&I companies will become increasingly dissatisfied when they realize, even in a matter of a couple of years, power reliability has not met their expectations for improvement, and this gap will only widen over time.

Real-time visibility over acquisition costs, cash flow, per-project profitability, sub-contractor monitoring, milestone payments, and other functions key to a solar installer’s success. The amount of solar energy connected to the electric grid has increased more than 20-fold since 2008, as millions of Americans choose the economic benefits of clean technology to power their lives. “Technology development, commercialization, and manufacturing scaling have contributed significantly to rapid reductions in solar hardware costs.” Reducing the installation of soft costs has proven much more difficult because of a fragmented regulatory environment. In the U.S., there are 18,000 jurisdictions and 3,000 utilities with different rules and regulations for how to go solar, according to the DOE, which says that “the same solar equipment may vary widely in its final installation price due to process and market variations across jurisdictions. Solving these issues will allow for continued rapid industry growth.”

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